Google Destination Search Update Brings Promoted Hotels to Prominence

This week, Google updated its Destination Search layout after the initial reintroduction of Promoted Hotels. The filtering options, search function, and map navigation remain the same, but the size and design of the listings have changed. This update has important implications for the future of Promoted Hotels and their value to advertisers on Google.

What Has Changed?

With a few updates to the listing display, Google has made Promoted Hotels the star of Google Destination Search. All listings, not just Promoted Hotel placements, have been enlarged to three times their original size which limits the number of listings a user views on initial page load and on each filter update. Previously, a user was able to view up to six square hotel listings, of which only two were Promoted Hotels. Now, the search page only displays the two Promoted Hotel placements. Not only does this limit the number of listings visible without scrolling, but the increased size allows for more of the hotel detail descriptions to display. In addition to the updated listing size, Google also added a new call to action. Previously, across all listings, there was no call to action and a user would click anywhere on the listing to view more detail. The click-anywhere behavior still stands, but now there is a clear “View Prices” blue button to encourage users to click through.

Implications for Advertisers

The increased real estate for Promoted Hotels will draw user attention and increase click traffic to these listings, and Koddi expects users to click through Promoted Hotel placements much more than any other listings on Google Destination Search. Now that hotel descriptions are easier for users to read, the clicks will be more intentional as the users will have a better understanding of the hotels’ amenities, style, and other information that can influence their booking decision. The call to action directs users looking to view different pricing options to the new Sponsored page, which was detailed in our previous post on the reintroduction of Promoted Hotels. With these aforementioned design updates, Google has increased the ability of advertisers to funnel more qualified traffic to their websites through the implementation of Promoted Hotels.

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