Omni Hotels Boosts Incremental Bookings by 116% With OTAs

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Drive incremental bookings and revenue


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Omni Hotels and Resorts, a luxury hospitality company based in Dallas, manages about 50 properties throughout North America, and partnered with Koddi in November 2018. A few years into Koddi’s partnership with Omni Hotels and Resorts, the Koddi team presented OTA expansion to Omni in hopes of boosting their digital presence and taking advantage of their new products/publishers. The goals were to unlock new heights for more demand and to acquire incremental bookings and revenue to continue scaling growth.


Omni was running Expedia Travel Ads on their own before opting to fully migrate their Expedia Travel Ads business to Koddi in July of 2021 after the Koddi platform offered a simpler way to update bids in bulk, view multi-dimensional reporting, and utilize budget tool features. Shortly after migrating Expedia TravelAds to Koddi, there was another OTA opportunity ( that was looking for a pilot partner. After seeing encouraging results from the Expedia Travel Ads migration, the Omni team was ready to continue expanding.

Over the next few months, Omni opted to test Sponsored Listings as well as Priceline Sponsored Listings, which later merged and became Booking Network Sponsored Ads (BNSA) in July 2022. The Omni and Koddi teams met weekly to discuss the inventory being tested and pockets of opportunity to continue scaling growth, resulting in BNSA budgets growing 3x since the pilot in July 2021.


Throughout this 15 month period (July 2021-September 2022), Omni saw their overall portfolio bookings increase by 116%, with a 236% increase in click volume and an additional 148% in incremental revenue, allowing them to increase their overall portfolio ROAS by over 200%. By simply saying “Yes!” and committing to trial and growth, Omni profitably added OTA expansion to their portfolio with Koddi. The addition of OTAs as an advertising channel serves as a gateway to further scaling their growth through future product tests.


uplift in click volume


increase in bookings


increase in revenue

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