5 Ways Hotels and Travel Advertisers Win With
Booking Network Sponsored Ads

Booking Network has recently launched a new global sponsored ads program that enables hotel advertisers to target audiences, increase visibility, and capture more booking demand through premium sponsored listings on Booking.com, Priceline.com, and Agoda.com. It allows hotels to leverage the power of each brand and reach a global audience using a number of industry leading targeting options.


Check out 5 ways Booking Network Sponsored Ads is delivering unmatched value for hoteliers and revolutionizing the travel advertising landscape:


1. Reach High-Value, Ready-to-Book Travelers
With 645 million monthly page views across 100 million monthly visits, Booking Network Sponsored Ads successfully capitalizes on travelers’ propensity to book, as proven by a strong ROAS and increase in bookings for participating hotels. With these metrics and the first-party data targeting capabilities discussed below, hoteliers can quickly adjust their spending strategy to reach these high-intent travelers.  

*SimilarWeb, March – May 2022, USA only, Agoda, Priceline, Booking.com combined data


2. Industry-Leading Targeting Capabilities
Booking Network Sponsored Ads has completely redefined targeting to provide enhanced value for hotels. These new targeting capabilities allow hoteliers to set dynamic bid options on targets and obtain specific performance data on any targeting parameter, such as:

  • Boost: Empowers hotels to increase a bid on a specific target set by a certain amount, without reducing overall eligibility
  • Multiplier: Allows hotels to place a percentage increase to the base bid for a selected target
  • Exact Match: Gives hotels the opportunity to define specific audiences an ad is eligible for, while keeping separate auctions that don’t meet the exact match criteria

Furthermore, hotels have the power to target by types such as:

  • Group: Target travelers searching for two or more rooms
  • Check-In Date: Target travelers searching for specific check-in dates (where hotels can pick specific dates for high-efficiency ads)
  • Length of Stay: Target travelers searching for a specific length of stay (where hotels can set a specific number)
  • Traveler Country: Target travelers searching from specific countries
  • Device Type: Targets travelers using mobile, app, or desktop

These best-in-class targeting functions allow hotels to efficiently and directly reach the travelers they care most about.


3. Premium Placement in Search Results
Combining the inventory and reach of Booking.com, Priceline.com, and Agoda.com means hotels can automatically maximize their visibility in top rankings of search results across sites, improving budget utilization and driving bookings. Booking Network Sponsored Ads runs its ad placement auctions based on when the demand arrives, so hotels may be advertised when and where travelers are searching across the network.


4. Easy Campaign Management in One Platform
For busy hotel marketers, the ease of use Booking Network Sponsored Ads provides is a game changer. Historically, advertising meant managing three separate campaigns, spread across three separate sites. Now, campaign management is streamlined within one convenient channel – saving you time, and making your efforts much more efficient.


5. Efficient Budgeting and Reporting
In the ongoing balance to maximize revenue while minimizing expenses, hotel marketers need to make every dollar count. Booking Network Sponsored Ads gives you the power to bid at any budget – there are no sign-up fees, and you can start bidding from as low as $0.50 per click. Early performance results show these premium ad placements driving an average 15+ ROAS.


With thousands of hotel rooms available around the world every day, hotels need new ways to drive increased visibility and capture more booking demand. Combining the power of Booking.com, Priceline.com, and Agoda.com, Booking Network Sponsored Ads is here to help hotels reach more travelers with premium ad placements that drive proven results.


Convinced? Let the experts help get you up and running on Booking Network Sponsored Ads today.