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The travel industry made Koddi who we are today. Our experience has equipped us with the time-tested strategies and capabilities that translate beyond the bounds of any single industry. Our technology was built to be flexible; it seamlessly adapts to cross-industry clients, no matter their goals and objectives.

Our people and our platform have the skills, knowledge, and functionality to solve unique scenarios such as:

  • Handling dynamic markets and fluctuating inventory supply and demand
  • Building custom marketplace advertising programs from the ground up
  • Managing tiered budgeting, co-op funds, and fund matching

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Travel and Hospitality

Unite hotel brands with relevant travelers on your site through a sponsored listings program. Streamline your cross-channel marketing campaign execution to increase bookings and grow incremental revenue at the property-level.

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Retail and eCommerce

Elevate your retail media strategy by launching a native ads program that enables sellers to target ready-to-buy consumers at the point of sale with behavioral data-driven custom ads – without disrupting their organic browsing.

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DTC Apps and Services

Build a sponsored listings program that gives advertisers and brands the tools they need to target potential customers who are in search of relevant products and services – at the moments when you have their attention.

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Financial Services

Connect financial advisors and providers with potential clients actively searching for services through targeted sponsored listings and first-party data that protects users’ online security.

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Deploy a native ads program that connects engaged shoppers with auto brands based on shopper preferences and requirements, increasing sales while delivering a relevant ad experience.

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Real Estate

Uptown or suburbs, condo or single-family home – reach renters and buyers in real time with native ads tailored to intent signals, like location, price range, features, and more.


Leading Mobile App Publisher Boosts Revenue and Advertiser ROAs With Koddi Ads

With over 13 years of experience managing global ad programs in the travel industry, Koddi leveraged its expertise to build a white-label ad platform tailored to the specific needs of the client’s industry.


TUI LTE Increases Bookings Across Multiple Metasearch Channels

As a widely known tour operator and package dealer with a portfolio of over 40,000 hotels, TUI LTE was interested in increasing the scale of its metasearch campaigns.

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