What is the Future of Metasearch?

What is the Future of Metasearch?

What will metasearch look like in 2018?

This question has become a favorite topic at the Koddi office, and it’s one we plan on answering.  With 2017 quickly coming to a close, the Koddi team is hard at work preparing for a new year. We are putting together a study that will help metasearch advertisers prepare for impending travel, digital marketing, and technology trends that will shape the metasearch landscape.

We’ve started breaking down the data, interviewing our partners and have an outline of what we expect to see. The only thing left to do is to gather the opinions of other industry experts. We created a 5-minute survey to help answer some of the toughest questions:

  • Which marketing channels yield the highest returns?
  • How much of your advertising budget should go to metasearch?
  • Which technologies will disrupt the digital landscape
  • Where will top travel brands invest their time and money in 2018?

We are calling on other marketing experts to share their opinion. We want to know what metasearch trends and goals will matter most to you in 2018. Take this 5-minute survey, and you’ll be one of the first to receive the results from our study. Get a jump start on your 2018 planning and equip your team for success with these industry insights.

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