Webinar Replay: The Revenge of Travel

After a year of canceled plans and staying at home, travelers are ready to take their revenge and book their next vacation. But where will they go? And when can we expect travel to rebound?

Koddi partnered with Tripadvisor to explore these questions in a recent webinar: The Revenge of Travel. In the webinar, experts from Koddi and Tripadvisor shared new insights on travel demand and possible outcomes for 2021, all around the theme of “revenge travel”.

What is Revenge Travel?

Revenge travel is more than just the latest buzzword in the travel industry. It represents the restlessness that travelers have been experiencing during the COVID-19 pandemic and what industry experts are predicting could be the resulting effect of pent-up demand.

Watch the webinar recording to learn more about:

  • The current state of travel demand
  • What travelers are searching for today
  • How the COVID-19 vaccine will impact travel this year
  • Things to consider for your 2021 strategy

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