The Road to Recovery: A Guide for Hotel Marketers

As recovery begins to unfold for the travel industry, one of the first questions asked will be “When should I start marketing again?” To help address this question and others you may have during this season, our team has put together a new resource guide called The Road to Recovery.

This new whitepaper contains over 20 pages of insights and tactics to help you redefine your marketing strategy, goals, and advertising plans for recovery mode. Here’s a quick glance at the different areas of recovery planning covered in the guide:

  • Assessing Signs of Recovery: What demand can you quickly capitalize on and how can data help identify future customers? We break this down into five different categories of recovery to help aid reactivation decisions.
  • Defining Goals: How can the prioritization of channels be leveraged and to what extent? Learn how to determine the right channel mix for your business, striking the right balance between volume/efficiency and incrementality.
  • Channel Prioritization: How to re-engage an audience through channel reactivation and prioritize which channels are phased back on. In this section, we focus on metasearch, sponsored placements, paid search, display, and social ads for your reactivation strategy.
  • Regional Demand Insights: A deep dive into the demand trends we’re seeing in APAC, Europe, and the United States as well as projected recovery rates.

Click here to download the Road to Recovery.

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