SCORE-POWERED Metasearch with IgnitionOne

This week we announced a partnership with IgnitionOne that will enable Koddi to deliver SCORE-POWERED Metasearch to our clients. This newly integrated capability enables marketers to leverage IgnitionOne’s SCORE-POWERED Audiences for metasearch – and use the intelligence of first-party user engagement to inform bids for sponsored listings on metasearch results pages.

“Travel is one of several categories in which we are seeing not just positive but monumental results with our audience scoring capability,” said IgnitionOne CEO Will Margiloff. “Koddi has activated this new offering with multiple clients and is already achieving impressive results.”

“We’re excited about the highly innovative integration. SCORE-POWERED Metasearch represents a unique, exclusive opportunity for advertisers to bid more effectively for their most valuable audiences,” says Zach Rector, Account Manager at Koddi.

Brands working with the service, like La Quinta, are equally thrilled.

“This new development in metasearch marketplace technology is a game changer,” said Ted Schweitzer, SVP Digital Commerce & Media for La Quinta Inns & Suites. “It elevates our bid management strategies to further drive conversions from our ad campaigns.”

With SCORE-POWERED Metasearch, we’ve been able to help brands like La Quinta, Motel6 and Extended Stay America achieve success. Extended Stay America realized more than a 200% increase in conversion rate and decreases in cost-per-booking of over 50% on TripAdvisor.

“Leveraging IgnitionOne’s platform has provided us with the ability to identify a pocket of our highest value consumers within metasearch,” said Christopher Thomas-Moore, VP eCommerce & Digital Marketing for Extended Stay America. “We now have the opportunity to both strategically and tactically shift our acquisition efforts to ensure improvements in the program’s targeting and ultimately profitability.”

Eric Bamberger, Senior Vice President of Advisor Services at IgnitonOne, added, “We are pleased to be the first to bring the power of first-party data into the metasearch marketplace. And we look forward to seeing how this technology will enable Koddi’s clients to maximize their return on advertising via metasearch.”

How it Works

SCORE-POWERED Metasearch allows brands to take the intelligence of their first-party data to inform bids for sponsored listings on metasearch results pages.

These SCORE-POWERED Audiences are evaluated and segmented based on their destinations of interest, as well as online engagement and behavior – and then made available for targeting and bid optimization via Koddi within metasearch sites such as TripAdvisor.

With SCORE-POWERED Metasearch, brands can now competitively bid on otherwise prohibitively costly searches – as well as high-volume, generic searches — with confidence. If you’d like to learn more, check out the original press release or visit the IgnitionOne website.

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