Koddi Honors the Women of Tech on International Women’s Day

On March 8th, International Women’s Day celebrates the fact that an equal world is an enabled world. On this day, people and companies worldwide recognize the achievement of women, raise awareness against bias, and take action for equality. Here at Koddi, we celebrate the growing diversity within the tech landscape—a much-needed balancing within a historically male-dominated field—and we look to the leadership and innovation of the female representatives across our ranks, departments, and geographies every day.

In honor of International Women’s Day, we asked a few koddiyaks to share their experiences, inspiration, and advice for breaking down barriers in women’s careers and the tech landscape at large.

“As women, we have to learn to trust our unique perspective without necessarily receiving approval or reassurance. It can be challenging sometimes, but it is so rewarding and empowering if done well. Tech is often an industry that lacks emotion. I’ve found that the characteristics often embodied by women—such as empathy, humility, and devotion—are positive attributes we as women in tech can incorporate into our work in order to drive the foundation for truly inspiring tech.

Koddi is a crash course in tech, travel and digital advertising, but it is also a place where you can cultivate your curiosity and drive actual change within the platform and organization overall. Without this fast-paced ever-changing environment, I may not have had the opportunity to fail and, more importantly, to learn from those failures.”

“I feel fortunate to work alongside a confident group of women and have no doubt that we are in the process of developing an emerging group of talented female leaders. I am constantly motivated by my female peers and colleagues at Koddi, within our global client base, and the women who have excelled in leadership positions throughout the technology and hospitality verticals.”

“Making a choice for any career should be about following what you have a passion for and what motivates you. For me, the most exciting part of what I do is testing. When I’m faced with a challenge or a set of issues, I get a lot of satisfaction from the way I try to deal with it, and I can explore myself more on that. That’s what working in technology does for me. Even better, techies are witty, fun, and interesting people to work with. I learn something every day from one of my colleagues.

My experience as a woman in tech has been fabulous. I am still exploring my abilities, and I like being busy most of the time. Working in tech can be challenging and fun, which makes my job all the more interesting.”

“I have two female account managers on my team who impress me daily with their high engagement and efforts to make big things happen. I am inspired by their amazing and constant energy to question things, products, and processes to make sure we are constantly improving.

There is no job that is incompatible with being a woman. Jump into the tech world and join Koddi if you are determined to move things and want to grow yourself, your team, and the family around you.”

“Women in tech tend to celebrate their wins and accomplishments quietly. We downgrade our skills, tend to not think we’re special and believe ‘anyone else could have done it.’ In a male-dominated field, it’s important to be loud and proud of what we have accomplished, no matter how small the success! When we recognize our own accomplishments, this will lead to women getting promotions, raises, and executive-level positions.

Koddi has fostered a culture where we recognize accomplishments and success stories, and give everyone equal opportunity to move forward in their career. The support system that I have here is quick to call out when anyone contributes to excellence and helps to recognize women at our company who might be downplaying their contributions.”

“We’re so fortunate to have an increasing number of female leaders in our organization. Having worked with five different leaders in my time here at Koddi, I’ve been tremendously inspired by each of them individually. They advocate for their team members, provide strategic guidance and unwavering support through challenging initiatives, and they foster a sense of empowerment and belonging among their teams. I genuinely believe Koddi is a better place for professional and personal growth because of these strong women.”

If you’re looking to join a diverse, enabled team of innovative minds committed to furthering the technology industry, we want to talk to you. Check out Koddi’s current career opportunities, and get in touch today!

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