Introducing the Koddi Cohort Program:
Engineering Track

This Monday, June 6th, a group of junior engineers joined the team at Koddi for our inaugural engineering track of the Koddi Cohort Program – geared towards empowering new career opportunities and skyrocketing our technology teams to new levels. This is a two-month program that enriches our engineering teams while developing new talent by featuring rotations on all of Koddi’s products. At the end, the participants will be assigned to specific Koddi teams.


About the Koddi Cohort Program

Koddi supports top clients across travel and hospitality, retail and e-commerce, direct-to-consumer apps and services, and much more. We believe people are the heart and soul of everything we do – therefore, Koddi heavily invests in our people, both new and existing. The Koddi Cohort Program allows us to continue this investment in myriad ways. First, we’re hiring the industry’s top talent to serve the industry’s top clients. Next, the program will give existing employees exciting new management opportunities. Lastly, the Koddi Cohort Program will bring more people to the table – lightening the workload and supporting our teams all around.


Koddi has been recognized as one of the best places to work in Fort Worth, as well as one of tech’s fastest-growing companies. It is by bringing in top-tier talent through innovative opportunities and programs that this tradition of excellence continues. The Koddi Cohort Program allows us to continue welcoming the industry’s best and brightest aboard.


We’re thrilled to welcome these newest Koddiyaks, and look forward to seeing all they accomplish on our teams. Let’s get to work!