Google Testing Price Modal Feature on Hotel Ads

Let’s say you want to take a quick getaway trip in the near future, but you don’t want to take the time to look through numerous date ranges to find the best rates for your hotel stay. When you finally decide where you want to go, you want to find a fair price. Google knows this user behavior well and continues to innovate, making a more user-friendly, visually appealing interface.

Enter the Price Modal. With this feature, users get a visual representation of the rates during a given period, typically “X” days. Instead of having to take the time and effort to manually click through numerous dates, by using the modal, travelers can instantly see which upcoming dates will be the friendliest to their wallets. The modal can show rates for up to about a month in advance, so whether users are planning a spontaneous trip this weekend or a trip two weekends from now, this feature will make their research much easier.

Hotel Ads Price Modal

Also, in the modal, users are able to see the average rate for the span of dates as well as an option to click the arrows on the modal to move around the selected date range. When a date is selected in the modal, the dates will populate in the knowledge bar, along with comparable rates from other sites. Another feature is the ability to see when rates are unavailable for certain days, as shown by the white bars in the modal. The lowest rates may not always be at the top of the knowledge bar results, so make sure to scroll through the different sites to find the best rate.

Price Modal Feature on Google Hotel Ads

From an advertiser’s perspective, this feature makes it easier for their users to see when any special rates are available over the selected date range. Whereas before, if users didn’t see the rate they liked, they just went elsewhere. Now, if they find a property they like but see a better rate the day/week after, users may be more inclined to be flexible to save some extra cash, thus generating extra business for the advertiser.

From my personal perspective, when I search for specific dates and see that there isn’t availability, I’ll likely get discouraged and look elsewhere. With the modal, I will be able to view rates for the night before or the night after. Now, I have more options at my disposal that may save me money.

The best way you can use this tool to your advantage for a spontaneous weekend is to scope out a few properties you like from time to time, and when you see a good rate, treat yourself, have fun, and book it!

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