Download: The Travel Marketer’s Guide to Asia-Pacific

Travel Marketing Guide to Asia-Pacific

Over the past year, the Koddi team has received frequent inquiries from our travel partners about how to be more visible in Asia-Pacific. There are many reasons why everyone has their sights set on this region–the population is growing, technology is advancing, and advertising spend continues to increase every year. It’s estimated that by next year, the APAC region will account for 40% of total online travel sales.

Even though the region is ripe with opportunity, it has taken years for even some of the largest travel brands to find their niches in APAC. The variety of languages, subcultures, and user behaviors adds complexity and can be pervasive roadblocks for Western marketers.

Since our team is already engaged in strategic discussions and exploring APAC travel trends with our customers, we decided to turn our research into a free downloadable report, The Travel Marketer’s Guide to Asia Pacific. This white paper introduces how quickly the APAC region has evolved and incorporates Koddi in-house data and insights that you can use as guidelines for your approach to APAC.

Here’s a sample of what you can expect to find in the report:

  • Online ad spend growth levels compared to the Western world
  • The importance of mobile devices and OTAs in the travel booking journey
  • Unique publisher players commonly-recognized by APAC users
  • General travel bookings trend by regions from Koddi data
  • Best practices and sustainable recommendations for Western marketers

APAC is poised to be a promising tourism market in 2020 and the years to come. If you are interested in more information about APAC market trends and how to achieve your global business goals, contact our team here.

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