AccorHotels' Focus on Innovation Leads to 80%+ Revenue Growth

With over 4,300 hotels in 100 different countries, AccorHotels recognizes the importance of customizing its travel marketing strategies based on microtrends within different geographies. However, this kind of approach to travel marketing requires technology that can analyze and act upon huge amounts of data. Additionally, that same technology needs to be able to automate thousands of processes to utilize the data analysis to target potential travelers, create custom bidding strategies that appeal to those travelers and modify those bidding strategies across AccorHotels’ own sites and a variety of other sites.

Enter Koddi. At the beginning of our relationship with AccorHotels, we automated many of the manually-operated parts of its travel marketing and metasearch business and integrated a new level of business intelligence to its marketing strategies. And over the last two years, this partnership has flourished. AccorHotels’ focus on adapting its strategy to each hotel’s specific needs across the world, while simultaneously sustaining and supporting international growth in both established and emerging markets, has not only pushed the capabilities of travel marketing technology, but also enabled Koddi and AccorHotels to pioneer new technologies, such as the implementation of AI and geo-targeting across metasearch, social media, and display advertising.

And the effects of AccorHotels’ high-risk tolerance and focus to continually innovate across its own business and the industry have paid off. In a recent campaign with Koddi and our publishing partner Google Hotel Ads, AccorHotels leveraged a combination of its existing data, Koddi’s proprietary bidding algorithms, and geo-targeting features in Google Hotel Ads to reach traffic that was likely to convert based on location, and messaged those users in their native language. This enabled AccorHotels to reach a segment of customers with high purchase intent that was previously inaccessible. This campaign was conducted in an emerging market that is becoming an increasingly attractive tourist and business travel destination. As a result of the campaign, AccorHotels achieved a 65 percent increase in bookings year-over-year and an 84 percent increase in revenue year-over-year in this emerging market.

Following the success of this campaign, AccorHotels will use this approach in both mature and emerging markets to reach more international travelers.

To learn more about how you, too, can extend your reach of high purchase intent travelers to drive booking and revenue results, reach out to our sales team to schedule a demo.

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